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Swimming Pool Accidents

Representation for Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents, diving accidents, drowning, and other swimming related accidents are the second leading cause of death of children under 14 years of age. Each year over 1,000 children die in pool, swimming, and diving-related accidents and over 5,000 others are hospitalized. Additionally, spas and whirlpools kill over 200 children annually. Thousands of adults are also the victims of swimming pool related accidents.

Pool accidents and near drowning often result in devastating brain and spinal cord injuries that require a lifetime of care. It is a tragedy that many of these fatalities and injuries could have been prevented by compliance with required safety standards. Pool and spa entrapment dangers often arise from missing or broken drain covers, the failure to install newer dome shaped drain covers,the failure to have clearly marked and accessible cutoff switches and any number of other factors that could have prevented the accident.  Injuries also result from the failure to provide or maintain pool covers, perimeter fencing, self locking gates or supervision of the pool area. Diving accidents and injuries often relate to improper pool construction, design or the and failure to warn or mark the depths of the pool.

Property owners who have swimming pools, such as resorts, housing complexes, private homes, hotels, and motel owners, are charged with the responsibility of providing a safe area for adults and children to enjoy. When a pool owner or operator fails to comply with required safety standards which results in injury or death, we can help.

The property owner or operator may be held legally responsible for any injuries sustained in the swimming pool. We will thoroughly investigate your case,and have our experts determine the cause of the injury and violations of the required standards of care so that you may receive the compensation that you deserve.

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    We also have a very special background, for many years we represented "the other side"--mostly insurance companies. We understand their strategies, how they think, and what they do. We understand them from the "inside".  In criminal law, many of the very best defenders are former prosecutors--for good reason.  We believe the same is true in civil litigation.

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    Our thorough investigation, attention to detail, and meticulous preparation of our cases has been rewarded with extraordinary results for our clients.  Let us do the same for you.  We will either obtain a favorable settlement or proceed to trial to obtain justice for you.

  • We are knowledgeable - We understand the legal principles, the intricacies of case law, and the details of the litigation process.  We read and study recent decisions that may affect your case.  Because of our additional background on the "defense" side of cases, we know the strategies that will be employed against your case, and we know what to do about them.

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Swimming pool and other drowning accident cases are complex and have unique legal aspects. What you do, or fail to do early on,  is critical to preserving your rights and winning your case.  Your failure to act could result in the loss of your us now.

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