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Mistakes to Avoid in Personal Injury Cases

Mistakes to Avoid in Personal Injury Cases

One - Hiring the wrong lawyer.  The lawyer you hire can be the difference between receiving a fair settlement, and no compensation whatsoever.

People who achieve great wealth and success always have a top lawyer by their side.  The key to wining your case is really no secret--individuals with the best attorneys often get superior results.

We have over 35 years of experience and a track record of success. We have achieved the legal profession's highest possible rating for knowledge, skill, and integrity.  We are the smart choice for you and want to speak with you about your case.

Two - Providing a statement without advice of counsel.
Insurance adjusters will often want to take your statement before you hire a lawyer. One of the purposes of the statement is to get information that can be used against you to deny or minimize your claim.  The insurance adjusters and their attorneys are highly trained and skilled professionals and their job is to save the insurance company money - often at your expense.  Your statement may be under oath and you should be properly prepared for it so that you do not guess, speculate, make erroneous assumptions or otherwise provide incorrect responses that could be used to deny or minimize your claim. The advise and presence of the right lawyer during this phase of the litigation process is extremely important.

Three - Signing papers that you do not understand.
When an insurance company lawyer or adjuster asks you to sign papers, they are generally doing their job. However, their job is to minimize the amount of money or benefits paid to you. Most people have no experience in settling a claim. Therefore you should not sign any papers or documents without the advice of an attorney. If you do sign documents without the advise of an attorney, you may later find that have you have waived important rights, including your right to money damages.

Four - Improperly valuing your claim.
A serious accident often has devastating and life altering consequences to the injury victim and their family.  However, to an insurance adjuster, it is simply a business transaction to be resolved as inexpensively as possible. Most injury victims have no experience in settling claims and have no understanding as to the extent of their legal rights or the compensation that they may be entitled to. Let us help you. We have been helping injury victims for over 26 years and have the experience and skill necessary to properly evaluate your claim and recover the compensation that you deserve. 

Five - Failing to preserve evidence

The preservation of evidence can be critical to the success of your case. Every claim or lawsuit requires proof of both liability and damages. The injury victim must establish who was at fault for the accident (liability) and that damages (injuries, medical bills, lost wages,etc.) resulted from the accident. The burden of proof is established through the presentation of evidence. The evidence can include testimony, photographs, documents, physical evidence or other matters. If you are involved in an accident you should properly document the incident and preserve all evidence available. You can do this by notifying appropriate authorities (police, store mangers etc.) and insist that a written report be prepared and provided to you.  You should obtain the names and numbers of any witnesses to the incident, take photographs, and if the accident involves a defective product or other object then be sure to preserve same. 

Next Steps

Most personal injury cases are complex and have unique legal aspects. What you do, or fail to do early on,  is critical to preserving your rights and winning your case.  Your failure to act could result in the loss of your claim...contact us now.

Even if you do not plan on filing a suit, you should be informed of your rights and learn about the options you have.

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